BIMx – Building Information Model eXplorer | Best Apps and Games 2 April,2020

BIMx – Building Information Model eXplorer

BIMx – the ultimate BIM project presenter app – is the greatly enhanced sequel to the original BIMx, the "Mobile Product of the Year, 2012" at the Construction Computing Awards. It features the “BIMx Hyper-model”, a unique technology for integrated 2D and 3D building project navigation. BIMx Hyper-models offer extremely smooth handling and outstanding performance even for projects with complex 3D building models and excessive 2D documentation.

If you are an architect using ArchiCAD, BIMx is the perfect tool for you to present and/or share your designs with clients and contractors. In addition to making the whole workflow virtually hassle-free, BIMx will save you considerable money and the misery that comes with printing plans. You can unlock the BIMx Docs functionality for one project for less than the price of printing five standard documentation sheets and for unlimited number of projects for less than the printing cost of one complete documentation set. If you are not an architect but have a building project you need to follow, simply ask your architect to share with you the BIMx Hyper-model of the project to your iPhone/iPad.
Features include:

• BIMx Hyper-model*

stonewall riots

• Fly & Walk mode


• Gravity & Egress recognition
• Hyperlinked 2D & 3D


• Smooth 2D-3D transition*
• Real-time 3D cutaway
• Trace 2D drawings on 3D*
• Photo-realistic mode
• Stereo 3D mode
• Left & right-handed joystick
• Finger controls (zoom, pan, rotate)
• On-screen navigation map
• Adjustable navigation speed

* Note: To access some of the features of the BIMx Hyper-model you will need to purchase the “BIMx Docs” function pack. This function pack is available as an in-app purchase for a single BIMx Hyper-model and for all your BIMx Hyper-models at different prices. Select the cheaper option if you only have a limited number of projects; select the more expensive, unlimited option if you have multiple projects you want to use BIMx for. In addition you may share BIMx Hyper-models with your clients by purchasing the “BIMx Docs model sharing” in-app purchase option.

Miscellaneous bug fixes