Black Password Manager for Free | Best Apps and Games 20 September,2018

Black Password Manager for Free

The free version of a fast, convenient and very easy to use password manager.

► The free version has no ads!

Over time, remembering and storing passwords without the necessary utilities becomes a challenge. Black Password Manager allows you to conveniently and safely store all your passwords for the accounts from websites, forums, payment systems, e-mail, information on bank cards, bank accounts, credit cards and other sensitive information.

► All you need to remember is the only "Master Password" to launch the application. You will never forget your passwords and always have quick access to them!

► All your data will automatically sync between your devices via iCloud.

► With Black Password Manager you will appreciate the lack of cataloging which allows for faster searching for the password and more convenient navigation. You will need just a couple of operations to find a particular record. And all this at your fingertips!

► The application features a built-in Password Generator that creates unique and secure passwords for you!

► The Quick Password Create function will help you create a password directly when creating a new entry by pressing just one button.

Key Features:


● No ads
● Very easy to use and fast navigation


● Automatic syncing between your devices
● Built-in Password Generator
● Quick Password Create function


● Database Export 

Some Tips:
– Swipe your finger across a table cell to delete the entry
– If you lose your device or buy a new one, all application data can be restored from backup in iTunes or iCloud
– If you forget the password to run the application, you can restore it by answering the security question
– You can enter a link in the description field to be able to quickly go to the website by clicking on the link
– Quick Password Create button will help you instantly create a password and enter it directly when creating new entry
– Quick Password Create function uses the built-in Password Generator settings

– Bugs fixes

New in previous version:
– Now the app works perfect with iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus
– Support iOS 8 perfectly

iPhone 7

– Compatible with iPad
– All-new minimalistic design in black
– Automatic syncing between your devices
– Security improvements
– Many other minor improvements

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