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Blank – Just Write.

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” —Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Blank does nothing. But at that, it excels:

FOCUS. No distraction. No fuss. Just your writing.
BEAUTY. Minimalist aesthetic. Zen. Just your words.


FREEDOM. No pressure. Your font, your layout, your colors.

Focusité. Beauté. Liberté. Are you a rebel? You think that TextEdit is so 1999 but you value permanence, security and want future-proof documents? You advocate open standards and you believe that plain text is the most natural way to store words on a machine?

Blank is the most elegant form a text file has ever seen. We use Blank every single day. We made it for us and we made it for YOU:

CREATE, in full-screen mode, a mind-blowing short story;
BRAINSTORM your latest business idea with your friends;
PLAN the places you want to visit on your trip, and the goals for this week;
JOT DOWN the address your friend gave you on the phone, and the date from the receptionist;
LIST all the flights that you’ve been on, the vocabulary that you want to learn;
DRAFT an important e-mail or a love letter to that special someone;
CAPTURE your handwritten notes, and the feedback from a workshop;
COMPARE, in split-screen mode, the list of materials already acquired for your project with the ones yet left to procure;
STORE inspiring quotes, and tips for caring for your plants at home;
CACHE text snippets from other apps, extending your clipboard;


CALCULATE the share of the cost of the party that you recently organized with a group of friends;

iMac '24

CONVERT formatted text to plain text;
EDIT the stack traces of the code that is tormenting you;

You DON’T NEED a publishing platform, a word processor, or a markdown editor.
You NEED focus, beauty, freedom.

You GET Blank.

Made by Roman Knöll & Yang Meyer.

© 2015–2016 Roman Knöll & Yang Meyer

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