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BlogPad Pro for WordPress

***** “This is the best WordPress App that I have used (including the official one).
It is also backed by superb support.
Lovely intuitive functionality, a must for the casual or more serious blogger” BlogPad Pro is the most professional & full-featured blogging app for running ALL your WordPress blogs from your iPad.
Blog online, in airplane mode or when you don’t have an internet connection – just sync your changes when you’re done! Autosave & Conflict Management features also ensure that you won't lose or unwittingly overwrite your hard work & with the best Visual Editor (WYSIWYG) on the iPad, BlogPad Pro is the only blogging app you will ever need.
KEY FEATURES ============ • Supports WordPress-hosted & self-hosted WordPress blogs • Manage multiple WordPress blogs all in one app – even with different user accounts • Offline or airplane mode – automatically saves content locally if you don't have an internet connection to stop you losing work • Conflict Management – never unwillingly overwrite your work (or that of others) when working on a multi-user blog or editing from different devices • One-click sync to upload all your changes when you go back online • View Statistics (requires Jetpack plugin for self-hosted blogs) • Fantastic Visual Editor (WYSIWYG): Visually style your posts & pages – No coding required! Maintains clean HTML • Markdown Mode – edit Posts & Pages using Markdown • Write & edit HTML • Dropbox integration – add images or links to other files from your Dropbox account • TextExpander Touch support for Visual Editor, HTML & Markdown Modes, plus managing Comments • Check, manage & reply to blog Comments on the go • Read blogs you subscribe to via your WordPress reader or browse by Tag • Create, edit & delete WordPress Posts & Pages • Easily find that Post, Page or Media item you're looking for with our search, filtering, sort & paging options • Set the status of your Posts – Draft, Pending, Published, Scheduled • Schedule publishing for Posts & Pages • Easily add images & other media from your iPad, Dropbox, a URL, or your WordPress Media Library • Add new & existing Tags & Categories to your blog Posts • Easily link within your own blog content for improved SEO • Post settings – turn comments on/off, post visibility, add tags/categories, schedule a publish date • Advanced post settings: ‘sticky’, custom fields, slug, post formats, excerpt • Add & edit Featured Images • Preview Posts & Pages (On or Offline) • Upload & link to hi-res versions of photos • Option to automatically re-size new images VISUAL EDITOR ============= • Autosaving of Posts & Pages – never lose your work • Undo/Redo any changes • Text Format, Font & Size • Font foreground & highlight colour (& store your favourites) • Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, Underline • Align text left, right, center, justified • Bulleted/Numbered lists • Blockquotes • Create hyperlinks, within your blog (searchable) or externally • Add images, video or other media from: – Your iPad Camera Roll – Your WordPress Media Library (searchable) – URL – Dropbox – Flickr – YouTube – Camera (take a photo whilst editing) • TextExpander Touch support for ALL modes (Visual Editor, HTML, Markdown) • Markdown – convert Markdown to HTML & vice versa • HTML – edit HTML manually • Spell Checker – you can also select the spell check language independently of the app's language.
Choose from: 14 languages • Find, Search & Replace text in Visual Editor mode • Word Count • Table Creator, quickly create table layouts • Indent/Outdent text • "More Text" (splits the content of your post) • "Next Page" (separates your posts into different pages) MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: • Any WordPress-hosted blog • Self-hosted WordPress blogs running version 2.92 or higher.
• Apple iPad running iOS 5 or later

New Features
* Updated for iOS7
* Redesign to ensure consistency between supported iOS versions, iOS5 – iOS7
* Flickr integration – user can log into their account & retrieve images from their own account, favourites etc.
Or the user can search for & link to images on Flickr
* Added "Quick Publish" (called "Publish NOW!") option for a Post/Page
* Greatly improved speed/responsiveness of Visual Editor when typing on VERY large posts/pages
* Can now move media items in the Visual Editor by using the media Cut/Paste.
Then use "Paste as HTML" to paste media (or other HTML content) back in
* Improved Search/Replace & Spellcheck – now the previous/next item is scrolled into view, and the keyboard is hidden
* Added filtering of Posts by Category, & improved filtering by Tag – can now set Tag & Category filtering in Post dropdown
* Tag & Category filtering now remembered separately for each blog
* Added "User Switcher" for WordPress Reader – to easily switch between your WP accounts for Reading!
* Added mechanism to try & fix issues with incomplete/invalid XMLRPC responses from some blog servers, caused by plugins or themes that have "broken" the returned XML data
* Added newest version of TextExpander SDK which uses "Reminders" to get around issue where iOS7 bans TextExpander’s previously used mechanism for sharing between apps (the PasteBoard)

iPhone 6

* Image Media Item options from Media Library now sorted by size
* Now show site’s top banner in Post/Page Preview & View Site, this is no longer stripped out
* When app is launched if more than 1 blog exists the "Manage Blogs" menu is automatically expanded for the user to select a blog


* Display the App Version No.
in the Help menu
* Display list of Blog’s User Roles on the "Edit Blog Settings" screen

Bug Fixes & Improvements
* Changed default value for "Partially download Posts" setting to be OFF
* Fixed issue that could cause a crash when pasting in Visual Editor
* Fixed issue when a User had multiple Roles when using certain plugins, like bbPress


* Fixed issue with Categories where more than 1 Category with the same name exists
* Fixed issue where Category List was displaying the total number of Categories downloaded, but not the total amount of filtered results
* Fixed issue where Post Summary wouldn’t populate any fields in iOS7
* Fixed issue in iOS7 where Stats & Reading would not load

iPhone 7s

* On Post/Page List Views & Comment List View, if you filters were changed but "Update" NOT click before popover hidden, next time the previously selected options would have been highlighted rather than the actual ones used for filtering
* "Page Options" popup now shows the correct title
* Fixed issue where the "Conflict" & "NeedsSync" menu badges were not updated after a conflict is resolved, or when a user would select "Send To Live" whilst editing a Post & using the Post Options dropdown
* Fixed issue where it was possible to select non-image media for Featured Image from Media Library
* Fixed Sorting of case sensitive text-based property results (eg Post Name) resulting in unexpected sorting
* Fixed issue with deleting Custom Fields, which could occasionally cause crashes
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