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BlogPhotoUP – Photo Uploader for WordPress and almost blogging platforms

BlogPhotoUP – Photo Uploader for WordPress and almost blogging platforms

Upload photos to your blog’s media library in a few quick steps.

You will no longer have to go through all the wasted time and hassle of getting the photos from your phone to your computer then uploading them to your blog then individually adding them to your post.

Now when you sit down to write your post you can focus on the important thing – writing.

BlogPhotoUP has multiple features to make your blogging life easier.

1) Email yourself the image embed codes – If you choose, you can send yourself an email with the image embed codes. Then you just copy the embed codes from the email and paste them into your blog editor and your photos will be in your post. A quick and simple way to get the photos into your post.

2) Rename files – Important for SEO purposes or for anyone that wants the image filename to be descriptive.

3) Default resize – Set a default file size so all the photos you upload will be resized to this. This will save server space and make uploading quicker.

4) Individual resize – Set the file size for individual photos. Maybe you want one to be larger or small than your default file size setting.

5) Multiple blog support – Set up as many blogs as you want on the same blogging platform or on different blogging platforms.

6) Upload History – See what you have uploaded in the past and also select them to email yourself the embed codes again.

7) Background Uploading – Get the uploading started then get back to what you were doing. The photos will get uploaded in the background so you don’t have to waste time watching them upload.

8) BlogPhotoUP Supports the following blogging platforms. (For detailed information about each check out our Platforms

– WordPress (Self Hosted and blogs)
– TypePad
– Movable Type
– Joomla
– Drupal


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– Squarespace 5


– MetaWeblog (Don’t see your blogging platform on the list? Check if it supports the MetaWeblog API. Almost all do.)

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