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BlogTouch Pro (Blogspot Blogger)

BlogTouch is a powerful, but easy to use Blogger/Blogspot editor. It’s designed to ease your work so you can manage an unlimited number of blogs by adding, editing and removing Posts, Pages and Comments.
You like to share your story with everyone. But you don’t live your life in front of a computer, so every time inspiration comes this application will help you share your ideas. When you are on the go or sitting on a cosy couch don’t forget to take your gadget and start typing.


• Add, edit and delete Posts, Pages and Comments
• Everything is editable, it doesn’t matter if your item was already added in Blogger or if you just added it with BlogTouch
• Manage public, draft and local (stored on your device) Posts and Pages


• Manage multiple accounts and blogs
• Share via Twitter, Facebook and E-mail
• Set application password
• Write with your voice using the device audio keyboard feature 


• Never lose your work – if you close the app without saving or if the publishing fails, your work will be automatically recovered
• Edit pictures directly in the post
• Offline editing
• Create scheduled Posts for later publishing
• Safely delete your Posts and Pages by sending them to the recycle bin (local storage)
• Sort your Posts or Pages by title, date created, date modified or comments count
• Add, delete and sort Comments
• Filter Posts by category

iOS 9

• Easily preview your articles
• Multiple languages: English, French and Romanian


• Format text (bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, super/sub script), change text font, text color or alignment
• Add pictures from camera, gallery or URL
• Control picture size live by touch and drag
• Embed video from Youtube or Vimeo
• Add tables, lists, links or horizontal lines
• Undo or redo changes


• All objects (including images, links, tables, videos) can be controlled easily (add, edit properties, delete)


• Suggest Tags/Labels: the application will suggest relevant labels based on your Post content so it will be easier for you to define and publish your article
• Comments Sentiment Analysis and Reporting: Each comment will receive a sentiment score (positive, neutral or negative) so you can clearly see the readers feelings about your Post

Small bug fixes

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