Boating Europe HD | Best Apps and Games 15 February,2019

Boating Europe HD

The Most Widely Used Boating App! A favorite among cruisers, sailors, fishermen and divers who want the same detailed charts found on GPS plotters. Go to Menu>Charts and select your region for a ONE WEEK FREE TRIAL. At the end of the free trial, you can choose to continue using the permanent features or elect to purchase a one year subscription to the overwhelming value of Navionics+ (see below).

NAVIONICS+ overwhelming value subscription package:
NAUTICAL CHARTS for all essential cartographic reference detail. Also get access to searchable Points of Interest (Marinas, Marine Repair, Boat Dealers, etc.) and Tide & Current forecasts including dynamic graphs.
√ SONARCHARTS™ HD bathymetry maps you can enhance, featuring extraordinary bottom contour detail, great for increasing awareness of shallow waters and locating fishing areas at any depth level


COMMUNITY EDITS made by users (rocks, wrecks, etc.) and shared for all to benefit

ADVANCED MAP OPTIONS to highlight Shallow Areas, select Depth Shading, filter Depth Contours, and adjust shorelines to selected Water Level. Includes a Fishing Mode
NAVIGATION MODULE for advanced route planning with ETA, distance to arrival, heading to WP, fuel consumption and more!
AUTOROUTING for a suggested course based on your boat settings and chart data
Note: Download detailed maps by zooming in or from Menu>Download Map. Maps are saved on your device for offline use. Tap Menu>Update All to keep your charts updated. Check for coverage

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At the end of one year you can choose to renew your subscription at deeply discounted prices or continue to use the charts you previously downloaded along with the permanent features of the app (see below)

Permanent FEATURES of this app:
TRACK your journey, view speed, distance, time and COG. Save to archive, see stats and playback
ROUTES: create and edit, based on speed and fuel consumption
Measure DISTANCE, add MARKERS, get WIND FORECASTS and sun/moon cycles

iPhone 7 Plus

MAP OPTIONS: Satellite/Terrain, Safety Depth and Easy View (not on Govt. Charts)

iPhone 6

SYNC Tracks, Routes & Markers among your mobile devices
SHARE by email, Tweet and FB your routes, tracks, photos, videos or markers
MAGAZINES & GUIDES for location-based articles from leading industry publishers
SONARCHARTS™ LIVE – create an HD bathymetry map in real-time. It uses sonar data either from popular chartplotters/sounders/fishfinder connected via compatible Wi-Fi routers or from the SonarPhone T-BOX that also enables a fishfinder split-screen with Navionics charts
PLOTTER SYNC – Raymarine Wi-Fi enabled plotter owners can transfer routes and markers, upload sonar logs for improved SonarCharts™ and update their eligible plotter card connecting to Navionics through this mobile app

Updates available provided that the device has iOS 7.0 or higher. GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. iPad – Wi-Fi model locates your GPS position if Wi-Fi connected. iPad – Wi-Fi+3G model operates similar to iPhone with regard to GPS capability.

– Navionics+ package now offers overwhelming value! This update adds Advanced Map Options, Navigation Module and Autorouting to your existing subscription.
– Autorouting: new algorithm improves usability from dock to destination. Points of interest may be used as starting and/or destination locations.
– Help now includes a link to online support.

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