Boiled Egg Timer | Best Apps and Games 14 October,2019

Boiled Egg Timer

The most effortless Boiled Egg Timer you’ll ever need…
– Super Simple Interface
– Clean and inuitive

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– Helpful tips to perfect that egg

Boiled Egg Timer For Apple Watch:
– Clean Apple Watch UI

iPhone 6s

– Start Egg Timer from Watch
– Timer Progress on watch

We know cooking the perfect egg can be tedious, a couple of extra seconds could mean the difference between a perfect egg and disaster! We’re mad about eggs so we’ve created a super-simple Boiled Egg Timer to help.

NOW includes Egg Timer Today Widget for super, easy fast access to cooking that perfect boiled egg.

Fixed bugs with watch integration.


Timer will now sound when you start the timer from the watch.
Will get a notification on either you’re phone or the watch depending which is active at time of alert. When app suspends (as user lowers wrist) it will now carry on from correct remaining time when reopened.

iOS 8.1

If app closes and you open it again and there is still a timer going, it will open straight to the timer view (showing correct remaining time as above).

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