Bookling – Track Your Reading Habits | Best Apps and Games 17 December,2018

Bookling – Track Your Reading Habits

Bookling helps you keep track of your reading habits and motivates you to read more. Bookling lets you bookmark multiple books, track your progress, setup reminders and help you achieve your reading goals. From a first timer to an avid reader who reads all the time, Bookling is a

iOS 9

tool designed for everyone.

– Bookmark multiple books and track your progress with ease.

iPad Pro

– Update your progress easily and monitor your reading speed with our speed beacons.
– Setup reminders and keep reading your books regularly.

戸田 恵梨香

– Set an yearly goal and track your progress.


– Read more to achieve more; unlock badges as you progress.

Improved for iOS 9 and updates to reminder screen.

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