BoomCAD for iPad | Best Apps and Games 19 July,2019

BoomCAD for iPad

BoomCAD is a CAD application tailored to the iOS device family. Designed by an engineer with a background in mechanical design and CAD tools, this app is made from the ground up to be usable on the relatively small screen of the iPad. It takes a minimalist approach and a simplistic and intuitive user interface to allow you to create drawings quickly and efficiently.


+ Draw lines, rectangles, circles, arcs and modify them in-place using the touch screen.
+ A plethora of snap options (end points, intersection, circle centers, etc) to make drawing precise geometry a snap.
+ Dimension tools allow you to add dimensions to your geometry.
+ Undo your drawing edits.

sri lanka vs south africa

+ Pan and zoom intuitively using the touch screen.

iPhone 7


+ Ability to export your drawings as either image or PDF.

iPad Air 4

+ Built-in manual.
+ Native support for both Retina devices and older devices.

Recompiled with latest SDK, seems to resolve iOS 8.1 issue with PDF preview/email feature.

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