Bow Shooter 3D – Medieval Training | Best Apps and Games 18 July,2018

Bow Shooter 3D – Medieval Training

Bow Shooter 3D offers stunning graphics, first person view, challenging shooting missions and a chance to turn into a pro archer! There are several kinds of targets that will help you hone your skills and let feel as if you were at a professional shooting range.

HOW TO PLAY: Use your bow to shoot at targets and improve your archery and aiming skills. Your arrows have to hit all targets with highest possible accuracy. Some of the targets are moving all the time, and some of them are hidden.


– Outstanding first person shooter with bow and arrows;

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– Excellent interface provides comfortable control;
– High quality 3D graphics enrich the game with a wonderful landscape;

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– Moving and hidden targets;
– Convenient aiming helps your arrows hit a target.

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