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Boxy. Inbox by Gmail email client

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Boxy is the first Mac client for Inbox by Gmail. It’s feature-rich, fast and reliable, with a sleek interface that fits OS X and looks familiar to Inbox users.

To the Gmail users who haven’t tried Inbox yet: you CAN use this app, but you’ll need to activate Inbox by logging in with your Gmail account on the official mobile app of Inbox by Gmail. It’ll take a minute.

Boxy main features:

* Compact and responsive design


* Multiple accounts support
* You can set it as your default email client
* Works with any Gmail account (after free activation via the official mobile app)
* Native OS X notifications
* Dock icon badge


* Menubar icon, colored blue to indicate new unread emails
* OS X shortcuts support, like Cmd+N to compose new messages or Cmd+F to search
* Drafts sync, start writing on Boxy e continue on mobile or web
* Sleek Dark theme

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* Reader Mode, for an awesome newsletter reading experience
* Hide attachments preview to make your Inbox cleaner and more readable
* Snooze, Reminders and all the other Inbox great features


* Secure, lightweight, Retina ready and built for El Capitan
* Regular free updates

To report bugs, share ideas or say hi, contact [email protected]

No offline support at this time.

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