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Bubble – Group Video Chat & Group Text

Bubble is a fun group chat, group messaging and private group video app for all of the groups in your life. Bubble is perfect for friends, family, sports teams, cheer squads, fantasy sports crews, school groups and clubs, work teams — or any other group currently being forced into text group chaos. You can easily chat for free, share GIFs, photos, videos, updates and more with any group. You can even ‘Go Live’ with livestream video in any of your private groups.

* Bubble lets anyone in your group share what’s happening RIGHT NOW by going “live”. “Live” allows you to stream whatever you’re capturing with your camera with the members of your group. Whether it’s something funny happening right now, a game that your friends don’t want to miss out on, a perfect sunset, or other must-see, wish-you-were-here moments, Bubble lets you bring your friends with you to experience life, in the moment, with you.


iPhone 7

* Invite celebrities, musicians, athletes & more to drop-in to your private Bubble group via live video for a chance to have an up close and personal experience with your friends. They’ll drop-in on Bubble groups regularly so just make sure you’re using Bubble for your group messaging and watch for notifications.


Steve Jobs

* Bubble allows you to ditch nasty group texts and email completely and handle all communication with the different groups in your life in one place. All files, photos, videos, messages, and other media shared in the group, stays in the group. Bubble also shows you who has seen your messages so you don’t have to wonder who knows what’s going on in your group.


thunder vs 76ers

* It’s easy to share funny gifs with your group because we’ve integrated with Giphy. Just tap the GIF icon and you’ll be able to instantly add the perfect animated GIF to any conversation.

* Bubble is super light and really fast. Moving from group to group is a swipe and a tap away, helping you juggle a ton of chatter with ease. Just tap the B icon on the upper left or swipe right for a menu of all your Bubble groups (and to create new ones)


iOS 8.1

* Bubble delivers the best of the internet directly to you for easy sharing with your friends. Whether it’s a hilarious video on Instagram or a crazy Tweet, Bubble brings it to you—no more switching between apps, busily copying and pasting links to your favorite content. Follow your favorite Instagram, YouTube or Twitter account to easily preview & share any updates with your Bubble group. All links, GIFs, videos, etc. display with a preview right inside the app.

Bubble is free (no SMS charges, works with your data plan)

Note: Bubble is intended for people 13 years or older.

*****Bubble is brand new so please install and send us your feedback/suggestions: [email protected]

This update is loaded so here’s a quick rundown of improvements, updates and new features. First off, multi-person livestream!!! That means you and up to 9 others can all go live at the same time in the same group. It’s beautifully managed and easy to tap between videos and be part of everything that’s going on. We are excited for your feedback and know you’ll love this new feature. Everyone in your group will need to be on this version of the app for it to work properly so be sure they all update too.

Other things to mention in this update include improvements to photo sharing, video sharing, notifications when your network is slowing down load times, auto-detection of phone numbers, emails and addresses so you can tap them for directions or calls (we made them all links), and Bubble names are now sorted with emojis at the top followed by alphabetical.

Keep the feedback coming and tap the B icon in the upper left to create a new Bubble for any of the other groups, teams or organizations in your life. [email protected]

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