Buddyman™ Kick 2 (by Kick the Buddy) | Best Apps and Games 18 January,2018

Buddyman™ Kick 2 (by Kick the Buddy)

THE BEST STRESS RELIEF EVER! Hit Buddyman™ with bats and axes, shoot him with pistols and rifles, explode grenades and even drop a NUCLEAR BOMB! Let off some steam and get rid of any anger! Find all this and more in Buddyman: Kick 2!!

It’s you who moulds Buddyman’s destiny and helps him become the greatest hero of all time! Make his training really tough: place the hero between the hammer and the anvil and deliver the FINAL KICK!! Try them all!

Get words of wisdom: train with Buddyman under the guidance of Sensei Kick-san, and make progress like you’ve never ever imagined! Complete the missions and quests, improve your skills, upgrade your arsenal and eventually become the supreme kicker – nothing will be able to stop you!

Don’t miss:
– Lots and lots of new incredible ITEMS!


– Shopping with pleasure: new PACKAGES available now!


– Astoundingly realistic GRAPHICS!
– Ultra cool MISSIONS: give a new understanding to the word challenge!


– Epic FINAL KICKS: extra drive to destress after a hard day!
– Innovative PHYSICAL ENGINE: new level of interactivity!
– Super classy SOUNDS: BOOOOOM!

Hey! Thank you for playing with world’s cutest ragdoll!

Already missing some fresh kicksome experience? Here come new items:

ICE AXE – climb the highest mountains and deliver toughest kicks!
HUNGER PILLS – chew-chew, Buddyman! Want more?
FRIDGERNATOR – deep-frozen rag doll!

nick kyrgios

GAS MASK – Masks on! Incoming gas!
X-RAY – Radiation hazard! Stay out!
ANTHILL – Bug-hunter hunted by bugs!
SHOOTING STARS – Be careful when stargazing!
VHS – Buddyman’s video archive!
Nail Gun – Disastrous renovations!
Hammer & Anvil – Forge Buddyman’s iron will!

Try ’em all and enjoy the game with bug fixes and overall improvements – it’s never been so cool before!

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