Buddyman: Kick (by Kick the Buddy) | Best Apps and Games 20 November,2018

Buddyman: Kick (by Kick the Buddy)

Forget everything you've done before.
It's time to take on a new challenge! YOUR IMAGINATION HAS NO LIMITS!!! Explode, destroy, fire, shoot, freeze, send the power of the gods and don't even think about stopping! You get the chance to try out all your skills in the CRAZY MISSIONS! You'll never complete them all! And check out Buddyman's bright and colorful inner world! Ketchup, Zombie or Hippy? Try all these amazing new features! Buddyman™ is the PERFECT METHOD OF STRESS RELIEF! KEY Features: – Brand NEW amazing missions! – Brand NEW realistic Buddyman model! – Brand NEW colorful graphics! – Brand NEW funny taunts and tricks! – Brand NEW super cool elements and categories!
– Brand NEW awesome decorations! – Brand NEW interesting achievements! – Brand NEW shop assistant feature!
FREE UPDATES EVERY MONTH! Grab this game and make sure you're never without a way to lower your blood pressure or just kill a few spare minutes!  Have any suggestions about the new items or ideas for Buddyman comments? Include your suggestions in the feedback!


Meet the BRAND NEW ultra cool update – bug fixes and performance improvements as well MEGA EPIC NEW ITEMS!

PLASMA SWORD – Try out the kicking tool of the future!

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LEECH – Yuсk! Beware of this nasty creatures!
LAVA – Put Buddyman into a real mayhem!
PIRATE HOOK – Prepare to be boarded! Yo-ho-ho!
SAFE – Can Buddyman crack it?
STINKY SOCK – Ew! Buddyman will be disgusted!


iOS 8.1

FRYING PAN – Add a secret Buddyman-ingredient!
DINO EGG – Buddyman will be a perfect parent for dino kids!

…and the awesome game, Buddyman Hunt! Enjoy!


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