Buddyman: Ninja Kick 2 | Best Apps and Games 16 October,2019

Buddyman: Ninja Kick 2

The kicking adventures continue! In pursuit of becoming a skilled shadow warrior, Buddyman continues forging his skills under the guidance of Sensei Kick-San.


iPhone 7s

Prepare for the secret initiation: the ammunition of the legendary ninjas awaits! Learn how to handle blades of generations long passed, sharpen your skills, study kicking styles and eventually become the ultimate stress-fighter! Buddyman is ready to fade into the shadows, infiltrate the citadel of boredom, and defeat stress! How about you? Key Featuring: FANTASTIC SET OF BLADES Try out the incredible arms that have faithfully served many generations of warriors COVERT OPERATIONS & OPEN COMBAT Become a mystical warrior together with Buddyman! Fulfill what has been written in the sacred book of prophecies! UNSTOPPABLE HEADWAY Receive your next dan after completing successful operations! Become a legendary swordsman! Enter the dojo now!

With bug fixes and performance improvements, the game is even more awesome!

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