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Buffer Editor – Code Editor

Buffer Editor is a powerful text and code editor that lets you easily take notes, review code or develop software on the go.

Buffer Editor allows you to connect to many different remote services including Dropbox, SSH, SFTP and FTP servers.

For software developers; now you have the power of Vim in the palm of your hand. No more compromises. Turn your iOS device into a tool and start getting work done.


• Universal app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

iPhone 7 Plus

• Connect to Dropbox, SFTP, SSH and FTP servers
• Automatically sync files to server.
• Code Autocomplete
• Vim coding support
• Search and replace
• Unicode support


• Bluetooth keyboard support (Supports all iOS short-cut keys)
• Preview any files supported by iOS including images, PDFs, movies and documents
• "Open in" import/export files
• Customizable font and font sizes
• Multiple themes (themes include Solarized and many more)
• Syntax highlighting
• Send files by email

To see the full list of features, including supported Vim commands, please visit

While this editor is targeted towards developers, it was designed to be used by anyone who requires a powerful text editor. No other app on the marketplace provides a text editor with the simplicity, flexibility and power of Buffer Editor.

For support please visit http://www.buffereditor.com/support

Compatible OS: iOS 7.1+

Compatible Devices:

iPod 4+
iPhone 4+

iPhone 7

iPad 3+ (Note: iPad 1 and 2 are not supported!)

• Added code autocomplete
• Few performance fixes

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