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Buffer for Social Media: Twitter & More

Share to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and App.net – all from one place, on your schedule.

Any link, text, picture or video you want to share, just add it to your Buffer. Your updates will automatically be scheduled and spaced out throughout the day to post to your favorite social networks. Plus, any update can also be “posted now” inside the app.

Say you find 5 great articles and 2 funny images you want to share. If you post them all in a row, you might flood your friends and followers who are online – and totally miss those who aren’t. Instead, add these posts to your Buffer, and you’ll have great social updates for the next few days.

Why you’ll love Buffer:

• Share to multiple Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and App.net profiles from one place.
• Get analytics for each social update you share: Clicks, retweets, likes, shares, mentions and more.
• Schedule your posts automatically so you never have to worry about setting a time and date. Just hit “add to Buffer.”
• Add updates to your Buffer from lots of different apps or via email.
• Share from all of your favourite apps using our iOS 8 Extension.

Buffer’s main version is free, but you can easily upgrade to the Awesome Plan to add up to 12 social accounts and to schedule unlimited updates in your Buffer.

Be sure to try out the web version, too, at bufferapp.com. It’s the easiest way to publish on social media, and it’s free!

Do you have any questions for us?
Twitter: @buffer
Facebook: http://facebook.com/bufferapp

iPhone 7s

App.net: @buffer

iOS 8.1

Email: [email protected]

Bug Squishin’
• Link previews now show up for video post types.
• Fixed various issues with authentication for G+.

iPhone 6s Plus

• Improved handling when app is unable to fetch profiles.
• Fix for character count incorrectly showing when composing native retweets.
• Fixes various other issues and crashes throughout app.
• Will show connect view if no accounts added to Buffer.

Happy New Year from everyone at Buffer! To make Buffer even better in 2015 we’d love to hear your thoughts! What would make your social media sharing even easier from the Buffer app? Send us a note at [email protected], if you’d like! 🙂

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