Buzz – The new way to send emoji's with sound alerts to friends | Best Apps and Games 13 May,2019

Buzz – The new way to send emoji's with sound alerts to friends

Download for free – Buzz is the new way to send Emoji’s. Exclusive to iPhone.

Send audio Emoji’s from Buzz to other Buzz users, iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger

Buzz is the ultimate quick messaging app, send a sound, not words. It’s waaaaay more fun.

These emoji’s play a sound out of your phone no matter what you’re doing. A cute chuckle, a cheeky sneeze, or a blowing kiss. The sound plays out no matter what you’re doing. Try it, it’s hilarious!

When simply sending a smiley face, a wink, a kiss or any other emoji isn’t enough, you need to Buzz someone instead. It sends the updated and hilarious new faces as a message, and a cute little noise, which is received and played out as soon as it’s received, no matter if you’re using your phone or not!

Ok, so it can get annoying, but trust us that’s the best part. In a library, no funnier sound than a silly laugh coming from a phone, or the huff of an angry face when you’re trying to watch a movie. It’s good, it’s fun, it’s new and funky.

-Simple sign up
-Automatically see who’s got buzz already from your contacts
-Free of charge and advert free!

iOS 8.1

-Pick from amazing new emoji faces
-Each new face, partners a classic


-Emoji’s sent by push notification, and they play a sound
-Custom made beautiful sounds

-You can now send videos of buzzes to friends by text/imessage, whatsapp, Facebook messenger and save to camera roll.
-We have changed how we handle mobile verification, its now international, rather than just the UK.


iOS 9

-So Buzz has now completely opened up, it’s now an international app and the sending of buzzes isn’t limited to users of the Buzz app only.
-Included bug fixes.

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