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CableCalc BS7671

CableCalc BS7671 is a cable evaluation program fully compliant with BS7671:2008 Amendment 3 (2015) Requirements for Electrical Installations IEE Wiring Regulations 17th Edition based on IEC/CENELEC Standards.

Following the success of previous releases of CableCalc BS7671 over the past 20 years, CableCalc BS7671 has been re-designed for the iPad to provide a intuitive user interface with all the comprehensive features of the Windows software.

CableCalc BS7671 will calculate and check for voltage drop, disconnection time, fault current, earth fault data, overload and short circuit data and will produce a detailed print-out for each calculation in PDF format which can be printed to an AirPort compatible printer or emailed.

CableCalc BS7671 will perform both single and three-phase calculations for radial, ring and sub main circuits.

CableCalc includes a full database of copper cables and generic protective devices and allows you to complete all information relevant to the calculation including any applicable correction factors for temperature, grouping etc. Energy let through values can be entered and calculations can be saved to load back in later.

Cable types include:

70°C PVC Armoured & Non Armoured multicore & singles, Twin & earth, 6491x & 6181y Singles


90°C LSF Armoured singles & multicore, 6491b & 6181 Singles, Twin & earth, Flat 3 core & earth
90°C XLPE Armoured & Non Armoured singles & Multicore, 6491b & 6181xy singles
FP100, FP200, FP200 Flex, FP400 and Fireforce PH30 Fire rated


MICC PVC Sheath/Bare, Heavy & Light Duty


CY, SY, YY 70°C PVC Flexible cable, 105°C Tri-Rated singles
60 & 90°C Rubber insulated flexible cable

CableCalc is available in the english language only and all cable sizes are metric (mm). BS7671 is the standard for wiring regulations in the United Kingdom.

Updated for BS7671:2008 Amendment 3 (2015)

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