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CAD Graphic Designer – design DXF drawing files

CAD Graphic Designer is a full 2D CAD application that allows you to create, edit and share your drawings and designs. It lets you create fast 2D models and It is intended for everybody as professionals, sketchers, architects, engineers, designers, students and more.
CAD Graphic Designer is not a simple paint program, it’s a full CAD application that let you make a lot of things in your imagine.

Main Features of the application:
– Support to read, edit and save DXF files.
– Basic draw items: Points, Line (vertical, horizontal, rectangle, etc.), Arc, Circle, Ellipse, and Polyline. Text box, Insert Image (many file formats supported), measure items, etc.
– Accurate measurement items: Length, Diameter.
– Support many template patters.
– Modify functions: move, copy and paste, rotate, scale, mirror, delete and other entity operations.
– Support multi layers and blocks: Layer adding and deleting, Block adding and deleting.
– Support to export to PDF files and image files.
– Support different viewing styles: Grid, Zoom in, Zoom out, Auto zoom.

Drawing Tools

croatia vs england

・Create models using three dimensions shapes such as lines, spheres, boxes and much more.


・Draw your own surfaces from 2D primitives using extrude and revolve.
・Tools: line,circle, rectangle, arc, polygon, text, triangles, box, sphere, camera, region, extrude, revolve.

Modification Tools
・These tools will help you to edit 3D models using some basic operations.
・Tools: erase, snapline, round, trim, fillet, offset, extend, explode, slice, texture uv, normals.

Snapping Tools
・Increase the accuracy of creating and modifying objects.
・You can draw to the mid-point or from the end-point of an object.
・Tools: end-point, mid-point, nearest, intersection, center, grid.

Group Tools
・Organize objects by groups allows you to handle easier large 3D models.
・Grouping functions are useful to manage several objects as one entity simplifying the process of edit them.

Edit Tools
・Edit Tools: move, scale, stretch, rotate, array, mirror.

View Modes
・Wireframe, smooth and hide lines mode.
・Support 4 viewports.

Misc Tools
・These tools give us some drawing information or apply certain special commands.
・Tools: distance, area, distance text, angle text, perpendicular and tangent lines



・Open and save drawings using STL, OBJ, DXF.
・You can send you drawing to printer.
・iCloud support.
・Export to other apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive.
・Open supported files attached to an email.

Learning and documentation
・Each command inside the app has visible parameters.
・Documentation section in the website.

Mountain Lion

・Video tutorial library.
・Online forums
・Email support

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