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CAD viewer—GstarCAD MC Pro

GstarCAD MC PRO (paid version) is a CAD design software suitable for mobile devices (including compatible tablets and smart phones) and is fully compatible with AutoCAD and DWG drawings. Compared with free GstarCAD MC, the paid version is intended for professional use, offering a more efficient experience when browsing and editing drawings!

It not only helps you view, edit, annotate, and share CAD drawing files on the mobile device, but also supports the latest dwg data formats and three-dimensional view.

Whether you bring your drawings to field sites, meetings or conference rooms, whether on the road, in your construction trailer, client’s office or at home, GStarCAD MC can help you to communicate better with colleagues, to explain your design to customers, and to get rid of the shackles of office computer CAD stations. GstarCAD MC allows you to work anywhere and design freely wherever you are.

1. A comprehensive 360 ° view of three-dimensional drawings

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GstarCAD MC supports viewing three-dimensional drawings. With a simple touch of the three-dimensional model icon, after a single finger sweep of the screen, three-dimensional graphics will rotate continuously along the direction of your finger for 360-degree angle display, click on the screen to stop the rotation to determine the current best viewing angle. Another three-dimensional model option provides a three-dimensional wireframe, with true and blinking visual styles. Or, you can also switch to the 2D wireframe mode.

2. Cloud disk services

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GstarCAD MC supports Dropbox and Baidu cloud files. You can upload or download local drawings to or from the cloud. You can back up, rename and share files in the cloud. It also provides a collaborative office environment allowing you to more easily share resources, breaking the restrictive bounds of the office location.

3. Precisely drawing

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GstarCAD MC not only supports simple editing on your drawing, you can draw objects precisely by locating the point of entry by the coordinate values. Absolute coordinate values of plotted points are available where X-axis and Y-axis indicates: "x, y"; or can be more quickly specified by means of the relative position of the previous point, "@ x, @ y". Similarily, when rendering three-dimensional objects, to precisely locate drawing points, absolute coordinate values and available X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis, including the angle, can also be plotted with Cartesian coordinates, where the distance or the value in the Z-axis is also precisely determined.

4. Still MORE Functions will be added later
Paid versions will soon have even more features, supporting graphics rendering, for example, to be even more useful and versatile.

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1.Optimize the mechanism of opening the dwg files.

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2.Fixed the bugs of overlapping of graphs.
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4.Other bug fix.

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