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Cake – messenger

Free to download until 12/31/2013

Celebrate your family and friends’ birthday with our Virtual cake app.
You can record your own voice to give a celebration message.
It will be so touching gift for your family,friends, and your lover.

Only $0.99, and you will have twenty beautiful different cakes to choose on your iPhone. (No more extra fees for cake images, you will get entire version of virtualcake).

This is a "must have app" for keeping good relationship with your friends and it will make them happy.

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1.Select the cake you like.

carrie underwood

2.Select the age of person you want to celebrate.
3.Type a short message or just a name of person.
4.Record your voice message.
5.Blow the candle and your voice message will be played after the candle light turned off.

New function
6. E-mail : Now you can send cake images by e-mail.

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

7. SMS : You can also send cake images using MMS.
8. Twitter button added.

Twitter button is added in this Ver 1.2.5
Celebrate your followers birthday with our Virtual Cake app.

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