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Calculator XL – Standard, Scientific, & Unit Converter

5 for the price of 1!

Calculator XL a Universal App for both your iPhone/iPod and iPad that comes with:
• Standard Calculator
• Scientific Calculator

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• Unit Converter
• Tip Calculator


• Loan Calculator

Quick, accurate, easy to use, with large buttons which light up for standard operations, and a sleek polished design.

• The Standard Calculator boasts extra large buttons to fit the screen, with some extra features such as delete, x², √, and %.
• The Scientific Calculator comes with 30 different functions, with color-coded multifunction buttons.
• The Unit Converter supports length, volume, weight, and temperature, with color-coded buttons for Imperial and US. A great tool for all purposes, especially for the kitchen!
• The Tip Calculator gives 3 customizable tip rates, with a handy slider for splitting the bill
• The Loan Calculator offers Month or Year amortization settings, with payment frequency options for Monthly, Semi-Monthly, Bi- Weekly and Weekly payments

For the iPad, switch between calculators with the flip of a switch.
For the iPhone, switch between calculators by rotating the device to the left for Scientific, or right for the Unit Converter.

Calculator XL includes the features of a typical standard calculator, but comes with the following extra features.

▪ A recorder pad for all calculations, which can be emailed
▪ 29 different types of unit conversions with color-coding for Imperial and US units

iPhone 6s Plus

▪ 30 different scientific functions
▪ del, a handy delete button
▪ +, -, x, / buttons which light up when pressed
▪ memory, with a preview display


▪ options for different number separators
▪ extra large buttons
▪ custom backgrounds – choose from your own photo library
▪ sound control
▪ One tap copy
▪ x² in standard mode
▪ √ in standard mode
▪ % in standard mode

Calculator XLt Free is the free version of Calculator XL, a Universal App for your iPad and iPhone.

New icon for IOS 7.
Corrected missing wallpaper issue.

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