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Calendars Templates 2017 for Keynote

Calendars Templates 2017 for Keynote

Use Keynote with those professional Calendar Templates for presentation, organize yourself or export as image, PDF, HTML, Powerpoint and more…

Those templates are perfect to get yourself organized, add notes, important meetings… As a business you can also create schedules, use them in a presentation and more…

They come as a Set of 3 different 2017 full year layout, plus several sets of 12 months per months.

Those Templates are ready to be used within Apple Keynote. They come in native Keynote format. (.key)

– You can resize them at any size or ratio without decreasing quality


– font, color, size can be edited and changed

galaxy fold


– you can easily customize and add your own comments or watermarks

Snow Leopard

– one month per month set features monday to sunday layout, other sunday to saturday
– come within tables so you can easily insert new image, vignette, colors, ghost etc…

NOTE: The Pictures shown on the screen shots are NOT provided with the templates! They are used as example, you can simply use YOURS!

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