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Callzzz – app that helps you to know all accessible information in internet about phone number:
Owner; GEO information: country, state,city, etc; work time if it is company; email; web-site and etc

With this app you can add information about phone that you knew and share it with people who want to know.
Of course for you we add ability to type comment and send like / dislike;)

2 mode: offline and online
offline: with this mode you can find information only about country
online: with this you have access to all information that we have;)

Our app have 2 versions:
free version
*send comment

iPhone 6 Plus

*send like

elton john

*7 request per day to know about phone
*you can get information only about owner and country


pro version

iOS 9

*send comment
*send like
*unlimited request to know about phone
*all accessible information about phone: owner,geo,work time,etc

fix bugs

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