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Camera Recorder Lite

Camera Recorder Lite is a camera record app. It can record video by camera, and record audio by microphone. It helps you to edit the video after recorded.

Camera Record
• You can select the video input device, such as cameras or select no
• You can select frame rate 30, 25, 15 etc
• You can select the video size 1280×720, 1024×576, 960×540, 640×480 etc

Audio Record

Mac Pro

• You can select the audio input device, such as microphone or select no
• You can select the sampling rate “24 bit, 44100 Hz”, “32 bit, 44100 Hz”,“24 bit, 96000 Hz”, “24 bit, 96000 Hz”, “16 bit, 96000 Hz”, etc

Recorded Video Edit
• Support trim, crop, rotate the video


• It can make some video files to be one
• You can add a new audio to the video
• You can remove the video’s audio
• You can adjust the play speed


• Support undo and redo
• You can use it to play the video

Support Retina

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Support yosemite
Fix some bugs

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