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Canned Laughter Generator Pro

Canned Laughter Generator pro for instant laughter sounds of different types for different moments.
What does it do you ask? Well, it generates canned laughter which gives the illusion something is funny and is often used in un-funny TV sit-coms.


iPhone 6s

There are different styles of laughing sounds for almost any occasion from minor chuckles (or dad jokes) to great gags and finally to huge rounds of applause for your amazing and stupendously funny stories.
You also have a small selection of additional sounds.
Plus! When you have finished your gags and you are leaving the room you can choose a crowd applause sound for your exit.
Each time you press the button will choose randomly from a selection of that style. There are between 5 and 10 of each style. They will never play the same one twice in a row either making it sound more natural

Perhaps you are a wannabe stand-up comedian that needs some helpful laughs or perhaps you need some morale support for your terrible dad jokes.


Well use this app to give the illusion your are the funniest comedian alive! if not a little original.

All sounds are original and recorded from genuine live stand up gigs.

© BEATS N BOBS (Rob Wilmot)

iPhone 7s