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carpenter cutting pattern optimizer 2-dimension

cutting pattern is the best way to save your material, work and time when you need to cut any material such as plate, timber, label, bar, tab, rolls or other linear materials supplied in prefixed standard lengths.

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cutting pattern automatically finds the optimal cutting layouts, capable to calculate the best yielding of materials
with minimum cost in processes of 2D cutting for materials and using the most advanced optimization engine.

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cutting pattern is a complete solution with its own databases, detailed reports and easy to use interface.

The model is formulated
based on the current practices and the constraints at construction site. A steel bar is
an important construction material that is used in most reinforcing concrete structural

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components. A steel bar is a costly material and accounts for a large portion of the
total construction budget. Their trim losses can give an impact on the project profit.

Our technology is based on the most progressive technique "Guillotine


Algorithms" providing high-quality, simple to cutting, reliable and stable optimization for any cutting case.
User interfaces in our software are designed with the accent on REALLY easy usage, minimal data entry time and maximal ergonomics.
What is more, we can customize our software to meet your special needs.

Just enter stock sizes, pieces sizes and cutting options to Cut Logic 2D and start optimization.
In a few seconds you will get the perfect solution – optimized cutting sequence – receipt how to order and cut material to minimize waste and material cost.

– add saw blade thickness (width)

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