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Cartoon Saga

《Cartoon Saga》 is the first integration in history of real-time combat QTE action cards hand travel policy, but also a best evoke belong to the 70s and 80s of the childhood memories. It’s the most highly reductive story! Whether it is a familiar Budokai, or the familiar Felisaz, Shahrukh, Buu and other powerful BOSS, beautiful earth are waiting for you to guard! Cutest card style! Cute little Goku, Funny little Oolong! Both men and women will immediately fall in love with them! The most innovative card games are played! The most diverse card! Exclusive special rune system, the growth direction of the card would decide by you! Come together to defend the Earth it!

[Reductive of Classic Drama]

iPhone 7 Plus

iPad Air 3

We will reductive the classical drama in front of you now! Familiar story, holographic projections like the show, as if had returned to the youth!

[Delicate card style]


Image of each card in this game are designed by the S-class Master of Arts, fully consider the role itself of every minor detail, Super HD 1080p quality, …… Each card has their own characteristics, each collection can make your eyebrows!

[Most IN Card game played]
Exclusive first instant game QTE battle mode, card is entirely controlled by the player freedom. When to immunity, when to add blood, when to control, all of this are decided by you! Different skills to release will often change the results of battle.

[System of multiple card type]


With the Developed system of exclusive first Rune, Rune is more objective now! Merge with Equipment, skill, rune, partner…… 5 ways to create the most powerful character! With a unique vision, you can develop a completely different card, and reach the exclusive highest honor! No so-called useless cards, but you yet fully explore it potential!

[You can choose over many combinations]
Hundreds of exquisite cards! Nearly a thousand kinds of skills mix! Up to a thousand card combination! Players can according to the opponent’s lineup features then targeted to configure their lineup to defeat each other. Not have the best lineup, only the better lineup. Maybe you can find a new super combination, but also need to beware of the others come from behind!

[Special effects of Fight gorgeous eye-catching]
Each card skill effects are exclusive custom, to ensure the ability of showing the card skills. With the most magnificent of the battle screen and special effects show, you would be relish on it.

[A number of benefits for you]
Within the game for all players prepared a rich reward, as long as you can get to! You will get a red Buu when you come! Yes, you didn’t see wrong, you will get it if you come! Everyday have the free reward to gain including Card Exp, game coin, Rune Exp, Chest Exp and etc! It had many great reward are waiting for you! Come and gain it!

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