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Casa Designer

Casa is a home built & design software which creates a 3D representation of your apartment. Casa is intended for people who wish to re-arrange or re-decorate their home.

What paint color should I choose? How would it look like if I broke down the partition ? Once I move the sofa, how much space will be available ?


Casa allows you to try out all the layouts and see the result on your screen.

Casa is useful and also a lot of fun: you can easily create your dream apartment. Casa has been designed to be used by a large range of users. It does not require any professional skills.

Try it for free ! If you like Casa, you can buy the full version in our built-in shop. Be aware that your creations will be saved only with the full version.

— Build
• Add rooms and modify their shapes without restrictions. Create each room as you imagine it. Casa allows an unlimited number of rooms or corners.
• Break down partitions: create openings of any size in walls.

— Interior Layout

iPhone 7 Plus

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• Place objects directly in 3D view. Move them wherever you like on the floor, wall or ceiling.
• Accurately move, orientate and resize objects in 3D view.

— Materials & paints
• Change the material of every object, wall, floor or ceiling.
• Enhance the quality of your creations through a large range of settings: brightness, shininess, relief, reflection …

Last but not least:
• Observe your project through different points of view: floorplan, aerial, first person.
• Undo and redo: go backward without limits.
• Create and save your own customized objects or rooms to reuse them later on.
• Built-in tutorial
• Email screenshots of your creations

Compatible with los 5.1.1 and higher (7.02)

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