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Ever struggled to keep your throwaway spending under control? Cash-Strapped is for you!

Set a daily, weekly, fortnightly, 4-weekly or monthly budget for all your disposable income and keep track of it quickly and simply. Every time you spend money at the pub, on snacks or takeaways, or that impulse purchase, just enter the amount and your remaining budget will be recalculated immediately.

No messing around typing in loads of info – this app does away with all the complexity so that you actually bother to do it.

Feel richer at the end of each period, in the knowledge that you’ll have some idea how much you spent!


• Daily, weekly, fortnightly, 4-weekly or monthly budget tracking
• "Piggy Bank" mode for saving up those spare pennies!
• Simple interface designed to be quick and easy

once upon a deadpool

• Virtually no setup required
• Does what it says on the tin
• Now also with logging and graphing options if you want.

What this app won’t do:

• Complex budgeting for all your fixed outgoings
• Make the coffee

This app is designed to keep track of your throwaway spend, not fix your financial situation. It’s simple so that you actually bother to do it. Try it out and save!

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Major update!

• iOS 8 compatibility (thanks for your patience!)
• New look

iPad Air 3

• New budget modes
• Now plot your budgets on a graph
• New "Piggy Bank" mode – i.e. track your spending or saving without it ever resetting
• Optionally add labels to your transactions
• Archive options
• But – most importantly – retains the same simple interface!

Note that a further update is coming soon to include iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus support, plus other iOS 8 features!

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iOS 8

iPhone 6s