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CastNow Browser for Chromecast

Watch Web-Videos on your Chromecast device!

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* With CastNow Browser you can surf the web and stream all MPEG4 videos directly to your chromecast device (ONLY the videos (!!!), not the whole browser tab content)

+ Full browser with tabs and bookmarks

iPhone 7 Plus

+ Automatically detects any MPEG4 videos

Steve Jobs

+ Cast videos to your chromecast (if compatible) and watch them in full resolution
+ Works with videos of many streaming providers

NOTE: You need to have a chromecast device to get all benefits of this app.

NOTE 2: Some users complain, that they don’t see the browser content on their TV. That’s correct, this app does not mirror the whole website, only compatible videos can be casted to your TV)

** Some video websites added various protection mechansim when embedding videos in their webpages, which makes it impossible to detect those videos by CastNow. But there are still a lot of sites which work very well.

PLEASE: if this app doesn’t work with a particular website, please drop us a note on our support page, before leaving a negative comment on the App Store. We can then add support for that website easily. (if it contains videos in a Chromecast-compatible format. Flash videos are not supported by Chromecast in any case)

* update for iOS 8.x compatibility

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