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For support, please contact us in one of these ways:
– Email: [email protected]

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– Facebook: facebook.com/theCBapp
– Twitter: twitter.com/TheCBApp

We are more than happy to answer your questions. For a broad overview, please read on!

CB allows you to talk to anyone running the app for free, anywhere in the world. At its core, the CB app is designed to function like an old-fashioned Citizen’s Band radio, but with unlimited range.

Your privacy and safety are very important to us at CB. Because of this, your exact location on the CB map will NEVER show up to other users. Although you can see your own location accurately (the blue pin), you can only see an approximate location for other users (red, green, and purple pins). This is because we intentionally and randomly move your pin on the map, to within 7 miles of your actual location.

What CB is:
• A fun way to meet new people and talk to friends all over the world.
• A social network for people who enjoy the personal touch of real conversation.


• An easy-to-use simulation of a ham radio, a CB radio, and a walkie-talkie, all in one.

What CB is not:
•CB does not use Citizen’s Band radio frequencies. It uses the internet.

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•CB is not a police radio scanner.
•CB can NOT show you another user’s exact location!

How it works:

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1. Download the app and open it.
2. Press and hold the PTT (push to talk) button and say something.
3. Listen to what other people have to say.
4. Swipe the channel display to change the channel.
5. Pinch-zoom the map to make your broadcast and reception area larger or smaller, or leave World Mode on to talk to people around the world!

There’s no need to create an account or log in. You are as anonymous as you want to be, because CB does not collect any personal information about you other than a temporary log of your voice and your location.

The CB team is committed to providing CB users with a high-quality app that is always free from advertising. We don’t like ads and think you probably don’t either. Without ads, the only way to pay for bandwidth, server space, and data transmission charges is by our users buying new, useful features. Please support YOUR CB by buying the great new features, and help us keep a good thing going!

We would love to hear your feedback! The CB team regularly checks in on CB, and you can Tweet us at @CBUserSupport or reach us on our Facebook page at http://facebook.com/TheCBApp.

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