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CCal 10 – Sync with Google Calendar™

This app (version 10) is older version. The latest version (v11) is free to download.


CCal is the perfect app for anyone who needs to efficiently and quickly arrange their busy schedules on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

CCal 10 is an intelligent and elegant calendar application that can upload to Google Calendar and Picasa.  

=== Features ===

– CCal has a sophisticated and intuitive user interface which allows you to create and modify any date or event by "drag & drop"  (simply hold your finger on the screen/event and move it where you want).

– To change the date of any event simply drag that event to the desired destination date.

– With CCal, easily and efficiently manage your plans and create individual events using a choice of colors. 

– Add photos to any event and upload to Picasa.

– CCal supports iPhone’s standard "shake to undo" function.  Multiple Undos and Redos are available.

– Copy & paste events.

– Delete events – drag to trash

– With CCal, you can customize background colors based on the day of the week or an individual event’s existence.

– CCal supports international time zones … more than 400 regions.

– CCal also has pre-programmed public holidays for Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and New Zealand.

– With CCal, you can choose to input times using a spinning-wheel or by using an easy & quick ten-key.

– With CCal you can display the current month and the following month continuously in "scroll mode"… Your schedule will not be divided by the month boundary.

=== What is different from CCal 9 (Classic version)? ===
• Optimized performance and improved speed

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• Allows you to view your weekly/monthly schedule in full screen with a single swipe gesture.


• Displays your day’s events in a "tool-tip"-like popup cell.
• Incorporates an in-device popup alert.
• Background syncing on closing the app.
• Has improved cosmetics for Retina display.
• Perspective week view in landscape device orientation.
• Back up via iTunes.
• Editing an event in landscape device orientation
• Supports free/busy calendar in Google Calendar™
• Supports week number

== Supported Localizations ===

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English, Japanese

== System Requirements ===
iOS 5.0 or later.


• Fix for iOS7

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