Celtx Shots | Best Apps and Games 19 January,2019

Celtx Shots

Want to eliminate mistakes on set before they happen and save time and money on your next production? Then get Shots – the innovative and super-useful pre-vis tool from Celtx.

With Shots you’ll be fully prepared for the shoot. You can add images to storyboard sequences, set camera angles and descriptions for each shot, and tie-in camera and lighting setups that you can easily sketch yourself from the more than 600 included clip-art images.

Shots also makes it easy to backup files to your Celtx account and sync projects with your iPad/iPhone – so you can take your pre-vis everywhere.

And – bonus! – Shots comes with a storyboard player built in, so you can view the flow of your work and save all your boards as animatic movies.

Save time & money. Pre-visualize with Shots.


→ Add images to create dynamic storyboards.

→ Sketch informative setups quickly and easily using 600+ clip art images.

→ Add narrative audio to storyboards.

→ Save storyboards as animatic movie files to communicate your vision.


* Create and edit multi-sequence, multi-shot storyboards.
* Block camera, lighting, talent, and equipment setups.
* Sync storyboards with Celtx Shots on your iPad/iPhone.


* Sync and share storyboards with Celtx online workspaces.
* View storyboard and blocking animatics with the built-in player.

MacBook Pro

* Save storyboard and blocking animatics as movie files (.avi)
* Resize, rotate and flip storyboard images in-app.

Print Storyboards
– images only

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

– sketches only
– images and sketches

Add Audio
– record audio for each shot
– play back audio with storyboard
– save storyboard with audio to a video file

– settings for Image/Sketch, Image, Sketch button settings are remembered
– delete key supported in sketch editor


– tooltips for menu buttons in sketch editor

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