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By showing you what you have in common with the people around you, Chatscene makes it easier than ever to start conversations and develop new relationships. Whether you’re hanging out at your favorite bar or working out at the gym, Chatscene lets you see who is around you and find out more about them. You might find out that you have a ton of friends in common with someone on the other side of the bar, or all the same interests as somebody at your gym. Rather than having to resort to corny pick-up lines or awkward questions, now you can start conversations with new people by talking about mutual friends and interests! You can even start talking over Chatscene’s built-in chat feature, then pick the conversation up in-person after you’ve broken the ice!

• Filter nearby users by gender, friend status, and relationship status
• Start chats with anyone in range, and then continue chatting from anywhere


• Communicate without having to share personal information such as your full name or phone number
• Instantly find out if any of your friends are near you


In addition to its social features, Chatscene also changes the way you plan your nights. The app’s Scenes feature instantly shows you all of the most popular venues nearby and their current activity levels. This means that before settling on where you and your friends are going to hang out for the night, you can see how many users are currently at a bar, and even how many of your friends are there in real-time. This information is in addition to all the basics, including directions, phone numbers, ratings, and more!

• Find the most popular bars and clubs near you
• See the current activity level at nearby venues

iPhone 6 Plus

• Get instant directions to venues

Additional Information:

• All features are completely free to use, Chatscene does NOT utilize any in-app purchases.

• Privacy is our top priority. This means that your exact location will never be shared with anybody.

• Blocking functionality allows you to block any user instantly.

• Stealth mode allows you to turn off location services at any time, meaning you won’t be visible to any other users.

• You must be at least 18 years of age in order to use Chatscene

New local photostreams feature

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Improved offline performance
Support for natural language bots
Bug fixes

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