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ChatterBlocker masks unwanted conversations so you can focus on your work, not your coworkers.

ChatterBlocker blurs speech using a soothing blend of nature sounds and background chatter. Intelligible speech is often the most distracting sound in the workplace, and distant chatter is one of the most effective ways to mask it (fighting fire with fire…). ChatterBlocker lowers the intelligibility and reduces the distraction.

ChatterBlocker is particularly useful for people who work in cubicles and open plan offices. The desktop version of ChatterBlocker has received positive reviews from, MacWorld UK and, and it was a Staff Pick at A U.S. government agency conducted a trial of the desktop version, and the feedback was "overwhelmingly positive".

Note: We don’t recommend listening to ANYTHING over headphones at a high level for prolonged periods of time, because of the possibility of hearing damage. Play ChatterBlocker at the lowest playback level that helps reduce the intelligibility of adjacent conversations by adding a pleasant, relaxing soundscape.

Some comments from our customers:

"I’m a software developer and your product has really helped me get my work done…. I work in a cube farm and this is a life saver."

"I love chatterblocker! It’s turned into one of those apps that I wonder how I ever lived without!"

"…a real value! I work in a noisy cubicle environment AND have tinnitus, so it works for me in two ways (far superior to the white noise CD I had been using)!"

"ChatterBlocker is just what I needed to eliminate the distractions of loud and inconsiderate coworkers! I had tried music, but it too was distracting."

Use ChatterBlocker to tune out disruptions and increase concentration at the office, airports, cafes, or anywhere. See more reviews and testimonials at .

While the ChatterBlocker UI is built specifically for iPhone and iPod Touch, it works fine on iPad as well.

Addressed minor issues collected from user feedback.

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