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Chefs Feed – The Best Food App for Local Restaurant Recommendations and Reviews from Top Chefs.

ChefsFeed is the #1 free app where chefs—real deal, cook or die, grease-trap monkey chefs—lead you directly to the good stuff. Reviews and recommendations are written exclusively by those who live and breathe the search for great food, so let David Chang and Mario Batali tell you where they crush pancakes instead of enduring one more plate of subpar soggy flapjacks, already. While you’re at it, cruise The Scene, an endless stream of original content created to rescue you from the mind-numbing clickbait of the world. Eat with smart abandon. Share your discoveries. Do as the industry does.

We want the best, especially when it comes to food. Call us stubborn. We know it’s out there, but one doesn’t simply walk into the symphony of crazy on anonymous review sites. Enter ChefsFeed.


— Find the dishes you want, where you want. Covet them. Get your friends to drink the Kool-Aid, get over there and hit food nirvana.

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— Follow chefs for dish recommendations, event info, and insights on dining out.
— Go deep with exclusive videos and stories spanning every aspect of the restaurant industry, in cities all over the US, Canada, and the UK.


The Wall Street Journal: “ChefsFeed is an app I can’t live without”

TIME: “…a conversation between chefs and foodies that runs deeper and longer than any one review”

The New York Times: “I am certainly more inclined to trust a chef with a name (and a reputation to guard) than the anonymous grouch who gives a great cafe a low rating after having to wait five minutes for a table"

Travel & Leisure: “Who better to seek out for advice on where to eat than the professionals themselves?”

Bon Appétit: “ChefsFeed cuts amateur hour short by having respected chefs do the Yelping”


Atlanta – Austin – Boston – Boulder – Charleston – Chicago – Dallas – Denver – Hawaii – Houston – Las Vegas – London – Los Angeles – Miami – Montreal – Napa – Nashville – New Orleans – New York City – Philadelphia – Portland – San Diego – San Francisco – Seattle – Sonoma – Toronto – Vancouver – Washington DC…and many more!

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— We rebuilt the app from the ground up…entirely.
— Faster, bolder, louder, more beautiful.
— A whole new look and feel, with much more of the best food picks.
— We’ve doubled the number of cities across North America.
— We added more chef recommended dishes, more restaurants, more stories, more videos!
— We are debuting our new real time feed called The Scene for each city.

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