ChemPencil | Best Apps and Games 18 November,2019


ChemPencil is a powerful and easy to use Mac App for drawing organic molecules.

ChemPencil tools and features include:

• Draw bonds and molecules in ACS standardized style.
• Label heteroatoms directly in the drawing without losing sight of your document.
• Add common abbreviations to atom’s labels.


• Heteroatom’s labels rearrange conveniently when rotating the molecule.

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• Represent bond stereochemistry with hashed and bold bond type.
• Ring building tools to draw aromatic and aliphatic rings.
• Add text to the document for example for naming a molecules or naming a reaction scheme.
• Export or email your document as a PDF.
• Select and copy molecules in ChemPencil and paste them directly in your Keynote document.
• Calculation and plot of isotopic distribution graph.

– Grid and rulers.
– Customize elements fonts and colors.

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– Several bug fixes and improvements.

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