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Chirys Draw

With Chirys Draw you can create complex molecular structures and reaction schemes using natural touch gestures. Complex fused structures and multiline annotations come alive with your touch. Built from the ground-up for the iPad®, Chirys Draw captures the fun and the magic of chemistry drawing on the iPad® using patent pending gestures.  Imagine what you will create!

Take notes at those departmental or conference seminars or lectures!
Prepare class lecture notes!
Present your ideas at project or group meetings!
Draw structures and reaction schemes for your next paper!

See the how-to-use videos on the Chirys web site.

Key Features:
• Create saturated, aromatic rings and chains
• Draw reactions and reaction schemes with reaction conditions
• Draw retrosynthetic pathways
• Create multi-line text annotations with fonts and colors


• Create complex fused and spirocyclic ring systems
• Generate ion pairs
• Copy and paste images or PDFs into Pages®, Keynote®, and other applications
• Copy images to the Camera Roll
• Send images of molecular structures by email, ready for publication
• Make publication-quality prints and images
• User-defined Groups
• Export drawings as a scalable graphics PDF
• Import and export molecules as MOL files
• Tweet molecules

Additional Features:
• Automatic identification of molecular formulas in text


• Molecular formula, weight, elemental composition, and exact mass calculations
• Automatic layout of functional groups
• Display elements in colors

iPad Pro

• Resonance and equilibrium arrows
• Retina graphics
• 24 levels of undo and redo

User feedback:
“Wow. First of all, please let me say that this is the single best iPad application that I have ever used (not to mention one of the best structure drawing programs on any platform). You really nailed using gestures to design and manipulate structures. The app is an awesome example of harnessing the spirit of the iPad. I was up and drawing in 30 seconds. The interface is clean, intuitive, and so very well designed. Beautiful output too.”
— Stephen

“Extremely well-done, very easy to learn, and elegant. It will be easier and faster other competitors to sketch high-quality structures and could be really handy for taking notes in meetings.”
— Jeff

“I wanted to let you know directly how much I appreciate this app. It works exactly as advertised, is highly capable, and is now substituting for a desktop-based chemical structure drawing app. I am right now using it to prepare structures for my pharmacognosy lectures, and it is working well.”
— Ian

“Excellent tool for the iPad, heavily used to prepare first year chemistry lectures.”
— Mark

“The words that come to mind:  Impressive.  Quality. The development of Chirys Draw shows your deep, consistent, and scholarly chemistry flair and precision, and is impressive.   Professional chemists will continue to love this.”


— Atsuo

“Thank you again for such a lovely program.”
— Olivia

Updated user interface for iOS7
Add sulfoxide support, using either double bond, or separated charges
Add multiple ring creation with one gesture if atoms are selected
Permit scaling with selected atoms and bonds
Add wavy bonds if Single bond tapped a second time
Allow gem-dimethyl creation with a bond selected
Add triple tap gesture to Add Text

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