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ChronoMate is a full featured Mac OS X desktop timer for FreshBooks, it keeps track of the time you spend on your different projects.

Specially created to work with FreshBooks, ChronoMate helps in simplifying your day to day workflow and accurately billing your clients.

Features :
– Seamless synchronization with FreshBooks.
– Simple and accurate time tracking.
– Run multiple timers.


– Support multiple FreshBooks accounts.
– Quick creation of time entries, clients, projects, tasks and expenses.

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– Status items so you never forget to start/stop your timers.
– Time entries history with export to clipboard.
– Idle time detection and adjustment.
– Anti procrastination reminders.
– Pomodoro technique compatible.
– Global hotkeys.
– Desktop notifications.
– Tooltips, color selector and lots of settings to improve your productivity.

You NEED a FreshBooks account to use ChronoMate, you can sign up for a free account at / or create an account from ChronoMate.

FreshBooks is a cloud-based accounting solution designed for small business owners.


“ChronoMate is a great product. I have been using another product for a few years, but would not recommend (or even mention) the other product. There was no support there.” Tom S.

“Love this timer. Great for tracking time when working with multiple clients and projects. Developer keeps adding great features and is very responsive.” Charise.

“ChronoMate made my day today when I learned I could add a project directly from the app. Bye bye timepost. I hated you from day one.” Jim T.

“I love it! I particularly like that it recognizes when I am idle and asks to adjust my time accordingly. This is so helpful when I am multi-tasking and forget to hit pause.” Sara.

– Starting or Stopping a timer from the menubar set the correct focus in the main window.
– Activated "Continuous Spell Checking" and "Grammar Checking" by default in the comment box (You can disable it with the right click/contextual menu)
– Timer’s tooltip and description now includes the submission date.
– Fixed tabbing in notes field, to get to the next field.
– Fixed tabbing in preferences.
– New setting to choose the date behaviour. "When timer was first started" or "When timer is pushed".
– Fixed potential notifications flood when computer awake from sleep.
-Refactored "Startup at login" code, please update your preferences.

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– Removed automatic app focus.
– Added notification center message after idling.
– Added new setting to disable automatic timer creation on startup.


– The multiple account support should be more robust.
– Improved performances and reliability.
OSX Yosemite compatibility.

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