Circle Frenzy | Best Apps and Games 20 February,2019

Circle Frenzy

Run, jump, and duck to avoid sharp objects to get the highest score and outlast the exploding planet!

Will you go beyond the stars to a world full of promise, but laden with danger?

Simply touch the screen to jump your character onto objects and touch again to jump over objects. Stay on each world as long as you can for extra points, but if you overstay your welcome … BOOM … the BIG BANG will no longer be a theory!

Unlimited Potential: Never play the same combination twice!


Infinite Gameplay: Randomly generated levels
Challenging: The more you play, the harder it gets

[How to Play]
Tap to jump

iPad Air 3

Tap to jump again

iPhone 6

Avoid pointy objects
Jump into the wormhole to advance to the next level

royal mint

Achieve a high score, start bragging!

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