Circuit Colors | Best Apps and Games 20 April,2019

Circuit Colors

Circuit Color is a simple application to find out the color code of the electrical conductors. It eliminates the use of cheat sheets or mental calculations or any other method you use now to determine the appropriate color of the circuit.

Systems Included:


120V / 240V – 42 circuits*


120V / 208V – 84 circuits*

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277V / 480V – 84 circuits*

*Circuit Colors is now fully customizable.

Add as many panels as you want. Single Phase, Three Phase, Black-Red-Blue, Brown-Orange-Yellow, Purple-Tan-Pink, you choose the phase colors.

Single Sided panels numbered down one side. Double Sided panels with conventional "zig zag" numbering. Double sided panels numbered down the left and then the right. You choose the numbering style.

For example if you are you using a high-leg system, change the B-phase color from red to orange. Or if you are working on a job site with it’s own proprietary color scheme, change the colors to match the job site and label it "XYZ Company, Lighting".

Updated UI for cleaner look and feel.

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