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Cities: Menu world clock

INTRODUCTORY PRICE. Cities as an intuitive, easy-to-use world clock.

* Cities are automatically arranged by their respective date and times, making time difference between cities obvious even when you’re in a hurry. The layout automatically reflects seasonal time zone changes.
* Designed to work efficiently with over two dozen cities

iMac '24

MacBook Pro

* Set a keyboard shortcut to quickly open the app from the menu bar.
* Instantly see which cities are still in yesterday’s time, and which are in tomorrow.
* Current sunlight or darkness is indicated next to each city.
* Work hours (9-5, Monday through Friday) are highlighted.
* Click on a city to view upcoming sunrise/sunset time, as well as time difference from your current city.
* Thousands of world cities are included.


* 24-hour times or AM/PM are both supported.

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Fixed: shortcut key not working.
Fixed: window showing up on wrong display with multiple displays.
Removed seconds indicator.

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