City Cars Adventures by BUBL | Best Apps and Games 23 February,2019

City Cars Adventures by BUBL

City cars are going on a journey!

Choose your car and direction to start your adventure. Overcome obstacles by collecting magic items and unlock the unique talent of each vehicle.

Cars Adventures is a 3D app for small children and their parents! State-of-the-art technologies for your kids to control.

Unique features:

– 14 city cars: from a firetruck to a police car to ice cream and unicorn trucks!
– 4 unique worlds: beach, forest, factory and snow
– 11 diverse levels, each with their own secrets

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– Cutting-edge technologies: dynamic shadows, alternation of day and night, realistic physics!


– A living city: instead of the typical menu, we’ve created a real city, where you can choose any car and embark on an adventure
– Count items on levels: your kids will automatically learn math by counting how many carrots or donuts the car consumes

Bubl is a series of new-generation educational apps. Our products foster the development of your child’s creative talents.

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