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Classic Notes 2007

“Classic Notes 2007” recalls the original version of iOS Notes with the leather top bar and yellow lined paper and notify font. It supports only plain text, not the fonts and hyperlinks and images of the latest notes app, nevertheless it’s a fully functional app that we hope you will use regularly, not just a nostalgic museum piece.

Why does “Classic Notes 2007” matter? What’s the philosophy behind it?

We think that the old version of iOS Notes with Skeuomorphism reminds us of Steve Jobs and the original iPhone graphical user interface more powerfully than any other old iOS App.

So we wrote “Classic Notes 2007” as a tribute to Steve Jobs that recalls his old GUI style and brings his presence to our lives, making us happy and virtuous.

Because we want you to use this App every day to bring the spirit of Steve Jobs into your lives, we decided to tweak the original design, dropping the bottom buttons to save screen space, making the App more usable— and we think Steve Jobs would approve of that because he said to Tim Cook before he died words to the effect of “Don’t just do it the way I did it, make it better”.

So we think “Classic Notes 2007” captures both Steve Job’s traditional spirit and his progressive perfectionism.

You can change the font in the same way as the original app by going into your iOS settings menu. iCloud support is missing, but we plan on adding that functionality if the App proves popular, so if you like the app and want iCloud support please give us a good review and request it. We toyed with the idea of adding paper colour choice, but we worried that would detract from the nostalgia, however, if it’s a feature you think we should add please let us know.

Bug Fixes

• Removing all text should delete a note


iPhone 7 Plus

• Back button positioning on iPhone 6+


• Performance and Stability enhancements


• Improve selection of available fonts
• Added OpenDyslexic 3 font by popular demand

iPhone 6s Plus

• Alignment of date and note title

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