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Classified Message & Advertise Sharing and Post Platform

This is a free and convenience message sharing & post apps. Through it, you can do the followings:
1. View all kinds of useful message/informations/selling items that others post and sharing.
2. Post or share your own message/information/selling items to others all over the world.
3. The messages/information are classified in different categories such as: "Home Tuition", "Oversea Study","Tourism and Ticket", "Finance and Investment","Legal and Lawyer","Local Delicious", "Sports","Photography","Household","Healthy Products","Music and Dance", "Business","Books","Clothing Accessories","House Renting","Beauty Salons","Maternal and Children Market", "Make Friends", "Event and activity" and more.

iPhone 7s

4. You can search message by keyword or categories.



5. You can contact the poster by email for the message that your are intested.

Slightly Optimised the apps !

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