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Clik Elec Cert

Clik Elec – iPad App

***Ensure that you are running the latest version of the NICEIC Certification desktop software (build you can check which version you are currently using by clicking Help > About from within the desktop software. Don’t forget to synchronize your desktop data! ***

The fast and easy iPad app that allows you to complete electrical safety certificates on the move.
Quickly complete your certificates on your iPad, get a signature from your customer and send back securely via the Clik Cloud to your desktop software in the office.
Completely re-written from the ground up to improve on functionality from previous versions.
· Buy e-certs from NICEIC. E-certs are 36% cheaper than pads and 62% cheaper than the cloud software (when it’s available). (Figures based on EICRs).
· Official NICEIC cert templates are already contained in the app
· Links with NICEIC Certification Software for desktop
· Add your company logo

iPhone 6s Plus

· Import and export certificates
· Syncs with your software in the office
· Improves productivity and increases efficiency
· Saves you time
· Gives your company a professional advantage
· Increases workflow
Certificates available now:
Domestic Installers
· FHP3 – Certificate of Design, Installation and Commissioning of A Fire Detection and Alarm System of Grade B, C, D, E or F in a Dwelling
· DPP3 – Domestic Electrical Installation Condition Report
· DCP5 – Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate
· DMP4 – Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate

Approved Contractor
· FHN4 – Certificate of Design, Installation and Commissioning of A Fire Detection and Alarm System of Grade B, C, D, E or Fin a Dwelling
· DPN5 – Domestic Electrical Installation Condition Report
· DCN6 – Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate

漫画 無料

· ICN3 – Electrical Installation Certificate
· IPN3 – Electrical Installation Condition Report
· ECN3 – Emergency Lighting Completion Certificate
· FMN3 – Fire Detection and Alarm System Modification Certificate

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

· HCN3 – Highway Electrical Installation Certificate
· HPN3 – Highway Electrical Installation Condition Report
· IMN3 – Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate

Cut down on the paperwork, and get more of the real work done.

New features
· New Certificates include the ECN4, FHN6, FHP5 and FMN5
· Certificate List now shows the site address
· Changed the colour when selecting a circuit to blue
· When you have a circuit selected then scroll to the test results it keeps the same circuit highlighted
· ICN3 search option for the BS(EN) above circuit details
· ICN3 Page 2 BS(EN) now has a search option

Bug Fixes
· Fixed the reoccurring do you want to save popup
· DCN6 & DCP5 Prospective fault current and other types of wiring going to desktop
· Speed improvements for the ECN4
· Crash fixes
· Hanging when loading circuits to fast
· When selecting a board the loading UI now appears
· HPN3 added missing column in circuit details
· IMN3 Part 3 now displays all text
· ICN3 Page 2 supply characteristics now displays all text

iPhone 7s

· ICN3 extent of the installation is now limited to 4 lines

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