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ClipExporter 2

ClipExporter for Final Cut Pro X exports clips from your project and helps to organize your post-production workflow. The application provides a detailed list of the exported clips – including their accompanied metadata and is very simple to use.

* There are two versions of ClipExporter. The restricted App Store version and the non-App Store version which supports MXF files, Quicktime Reference movies and big RED clips support. To obtain the latter, purchase ClipExporter 2 from the App Store and visit

Video export

• Quickly export clips as independent video files without any transcoding or rendering. This preserves all data and quality of the original source media file.
• Video formats including RED*, MXF*, AVCHD, H264 and more are supported.
• ClipExporter adds spotlight searchable metadata of your clips like keywords and notes.
• Exports your clips as *Quicktime Reference movies.

After Effects export

• ClipExporter translates your Final Cut Pro X project to an After Effects script file
• Supports retimed clips, blend modes & amount, position, anchor point, scale, rotation, corner pins, notes, markers
• Supports keyframes
• Missing files are substituted with Placeholders. These can easily be relinked using "Replace Footage…"

After Effects "linked mode" export
• If video export is also activated, After Effects references the trimmed video files that have been exported along with the script file.

charlotte cardin

• Compound-, Audition- and Multicam clips are flattened and reduced to the main composition
• Retimed clips retain their position in time, but their duration is un-retimed
• Only supports notes. All other modifications and keyframes are discarded

Nuke export

• For each clip a Nuke file is generated
• Only available in "linked mode"
• All the clips metadata is right in place in a Backdrop node
• Optionally use relative file paths in the Read node and easily relink your media by changing the project directory

Additional Features
• Assign roles to clips in Final Cut Pro X to define and export specific clips instead of the complete timeline
• Choose whether to export all to a single folder or to a per-clip folder
• Save time and let ClipExporter create a per-clip subfolder structure
• Useful for Producers: export a detailed list of the exported clips to Excel or Numbers


Does it export clips as video files with effects, colour corrections or other changes applied?
-> ClipExporter does not transcode or render video files. It simply saves a trimmed copy of the source footage in order to preserve an unaltered state. So all modifications or effects get discarded.

System Requirements: OS X v1.9.0 or later,
Supported XML: Final Cut Pro X 10.1.2 or later

• Added "Reveal in Finder" button to the Export Log List
• Added advanced options to offset the in-point or extend the duration of a clip. Dropframe videos sometime shift the in-point and duration by a frame. Use these options to compensate.


• RED: updated to the latest R3DSDK v5.2
• changed Log List CSV file export to comma separated. Previously, columns were separated by semicolons, which might lead to import problems in Excel in some countries.
• fixed AE: import aborts when file paths contain an apostrophe (‘)
• fixed AE: import aborts when project contains unsupported file types (like .caf files)

Snow Leopard

• AE: enhanced the unused footage and comp check during import

NON-APP STORE VERSION (to obtain this version please visit ):
• Added MXF file support
• Added Quicktime Reference Movie export option to the video settings popup window. Welcome back.
• Added advanced option to use the legacy video exporter of version 1


• Added support for RED clips that consist of multiple R3D files.

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